Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our New Garden

Every spring, we head to the plant show at the local farmers' market to get plants for our garden. We get a mix of vegetable plants and herbs. Then we bring them home and plant them in our garden. In approximately 60 days, we usually get some results.

We picked out the plants last weekend and came home to plan them in the garden. Since we had our old garden for several years, the landscape timbers were starting to rot and the dirt was full of roots. Todd decided to make a new garden box and also relocate it to a different part of our yard that doesn't get quite as much sun during the day.

Todd and Michael worked on the garden box one night and filled it halfway with organic topsoil after lining it with plastic and newspapers. A few days later, we got another truckload of dirt. The vegetables and herbs were ready to be planted. Todd and Michael worked together to plant peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, dill, hot and spicy oregano and Thai basil. After they finished planting, they watered the garden.

Can't wait to see what our new garden produces this year!


Joanna said...

And you think my Michael looks grown up? Wow, your Michael looks so big and capable helping with the garden! How cool.

LauraC said...

Nice! I haven't done a raised bed because my helpers like to water things a LOT.