Friday, April 16, 2010

13 months old

Since Katie turned one last month, she has really started changing. It's so much fun to watch the changes and transformation as she discovers new things and explores every day.

Katie was taking a few steps at a time when she turned one. Over the past week, she has really taken off! We go outside and she just walks, falls down, gets back up and starts the whole process over again. She isn't afraid to crawl in the yard, on the driveway or walk in the grass barefoot. Inside she is just as fearless. Michael has put up a "wall" of furniture and toys to keep Katie away from his table. Katie doesn't let that stop her and she just climbs right over the back of the chair to get to what she wants!

Two more teeth have emerged over the past few days. They are the top molars on each side. What's so funny is that she still only has 2 teeth on the bottom. People always comment about her 2 little teeth. If she would open her mouth, they could see the rest of the teeth! These teeth haven't been quite as rough as the first few, thankfully.

Katie still loves water and had her first visit to the beach over Easter weekend. She loved crawling around in the sand and even tried to eat some. I think the water was a bit too cold for her but she enjoyed the heated pool much better back in my parents' neighborhood. She let me pull her around the pool on her stomach and her back and was just so relaxed.

Katie is eating pretty well now and eats almost every single thing that we put on her tray. It's funny because she is now getting to the point where she will throw food off the side if she is full. And then she always runs her hands through her hair. Wonder what it is that makes babies do that?

She continues to babble away and has a few words now. She says mama, dada, no and something that sounds like "what's up?". We have conversations where she "talks" to you but you have no idea what exactly she is saying even though she looks so determined to get her point across. If you ask Katie for a kiss, she will lean in and give you one with her mouth open. She also understands when you ask her to sit down and come over to you. And she even tries to brush her teeth when she sees Michael doing it too.

Here are a few recent pics of Katie:

Looking forward to watching Katie grow over the next few months. This is such an exciting age!


Stacey said...

I think you are right-- Katie and Will would be great companions. We'd just have to watch them very carefully. :)

She is adorable!

Mel said...

I agree that this is a very exciting age! Cute how she runs her hands through her hair after eating! Mariele does that several times a day to check and see if I put a bow up there. If I did, she takes great pleasure in ripping it out:)

Joanna said...

She's really asserting her personality. I love it.

That first picture of her is too cute. Love the pouty look mixed with the smile.