Monday, April 19, 2010

I felt like a little kid

For the past week or so, my ear has really been hurting me. I thought that maybe it just got irritated or had wax buildup. After complaining about it for a few days, Todd thought that maybe I should head to the doctor today. So I called and made an appointment for early this afternoon.

I headed in and saw the doctor. He let me know that I did have an outer ear infection, also known as swimmers' ear. I haven't been swimming recently but maybe some water got in my ear in the shower. He prescribed some antibiotic ear drops to take 2 times a day for the next 7 days. Luckily, this was the same ear drop that Michael had taken so I was able to use the rest of his bottle.

I very rarely get sick (thankfully) and felt like a kid when I was diagnosed with an ear infection. It's an illness that I associate mainly with kids. In talking with the nurse, she let me know that it was more common among adults than you would imagine. It's still a bit strange to think of having an ear infection. What's even more strange is that I have only been sick 3 or 4 times in the past 10 years or so and I have had 2 ear infections!

So now I know how Michael felt last week when I had to put the drops in his ears. And he even gave me a washcloth to hold on my ear like I did for him. Wasn't that sweet?


Lindsay said...

That is awesome that you don't get sick very often. I wish I had that, too!

DH and I have both had ear infections this year, too. Isn't is awful??? Poor kiddos!

Heidi O said...

That was nice that he wanted to help take care of you.

I hope your ear feels better soon.

Joanna said...

Ouch, swimmer's ear sucks. That's so sweet of Michael helping you with your ear drops.

Mel said...

I would get swimmer's ear as a kid and I remember it being very painful! Hope you feel better soon!

LauraC said...

I rarely get sick but my ear is always going to be screwed up because of my surgery. Apparently once you have scar tissue in your ear canal, it is always screwy.

Steph said...

Very sweet of Michael to help you when your ear was hurting!

I ended up with an ear infection a few years back and I was so surprised to have one, I didn't realize adults get them that often.