Wednesday, April 28, 2010

He went away without us

My mom came to stay with us for a few days last week. For the past few months, she has been wanting Michael to come spend a few days with her and my dad at their house. I have really been hesitant since Michael has seen either Todd or I every single day of his life. I knew the day was coming though and after some discussion between Todd and I, we decided to let Michael go back to spend a few days at my parents.

They left on Friday afternoon. I picked Michael up from school and asked him if he wanted to spend a few days at Grandee and Pop-Pop's house. He asked me if I could drive him there and then turn around and go back home. I told him my mom would take him and bring him back next week. He said OK. We got home, he packed up his suitcase of cars and declared "I'm ready. Let's leave." Just like that. I think him leaving was harder on Todd and I than it was for him. He got in the car and off they went.

We talked to him every night and stayed busy here while he was gone. Katie was here and she was sure to keep us busy. I actually think that she helped to keep my mind from focusing on the fact that Michael wasn't here with us. I can't imagine if he was gone and he was an only child. I probably would have lost it.

When I picked him up on Tuesday, I was so excited to see him. Todd couldn't wait to show him what he was working on when he got home. The playhouse is almost done and he had the sandbox all filled with sand, ready for playing.

Michael had a fun time at my parents' house. They played outside several times a day, which is Michael's favorite thing to do. He played some golf with my dad and they also played some baseball. They went to the playground, ate out and just spent some quality one-on-one time. These memories are the ones that Michael will cherish for years to come. He is so lucky to have 2 sets of grandparents who want to spend time with him.

I think it was good to let him go, even though I really had a hard time with the thought of it. Once he was gone and I knew that he was having a good time, I felt better, even though both Todd and I missed him like crazy.


Joanna said...

If your mom wants, I could send my Michael down for a few days ; )

Heidi O said...

I third what Joanna wrote but throw in both an almost 4 yr and add in an over 6 yo!

Steph said...

How nice he had such a fun time with them. It's hard to leave them for a while but so worth it when you know they are enjoying themselves and getting in good quality grandma and grandpa time!