Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I just wanted to wish a Happy Father's Day to Todd, the best father that I could ask for Michael and Katie. He gives his time, love and energy to making their lives complete. I know that they are so lucky and blessed to have a father like him. Michael wants to be with him all the time and follows him around. When he's not there, Michael asks about him. I imagine that Katie will do the same thing one day as she's going to be Daddy's little girl.

We decided to make gifts for Father's Day. I bought kits to make stepping stones for the yard, as Todd loves to spend time there. Michael was very cooperative and did a really good job decorating his all by himself. We did a handprint for him and footprints for Katie. She looked so cute with the cement from the mix between her little toes. Here are some pictures of the finished gifts:

As well as some of Todd with the kids:

Happy Father's Day to a wonderful father and husband, Todd!!

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