Saturday, June 20, 2009

Katie's First Trip to the Pool

It has been pretty hot here over the past few days, getting close to 100 the past 2 days. This afternoon we decided that we would head to the pool with Katie and Michael. I took Michael to the pool last weekend for the first time this year. While he is quite content in the baby pool, he really doesn't like getting in the big pool.

Katie loved her first time in the pool. We figured that she would as she loves her baths and likes to "talk" to you after she gets out about how much fun it is. She didn't have any problems going in the big pool and enjoyed floating around on her back or lying on my stomach on her back. She was content to lay in the shade of the tree in the pool, being held by Mommy or Daddy. The weather was perfect for the pool as she never got a chill in the water due to the outside temperature. The only time that she cried while we were there was when it was time to leave and I was getting her out of her bathing suit.

Michael and Katie were dressed in matching suits today from Aunt Michelle and Uncle Alex. It was too cute. I liked dressing them alike for a change. It's pretty hard to get boys and girls matching outfits. And Michael likes his new bathing suit too because it's reversible so it's like he has two suits.

Here are a few pictures from the pool today:


Carrie77 said...

She is so adorable in her suit! Awww!! I can't wait to take Autumn swimming for the first time. I am glad to hear she enjoyed it!

Alexa said...

Looks like you had fun!!!!