Thursday, April 16, 2009

One Month Old Already!

I can't believe that Katie is one month old today! The time has flown right by. I was looking at Katie this morning when she woke up to nurse and thought how we were getting ready to go to the hospital exactly one month ago.

Katie has been an pretty easy baby so far. This is good because she is our second child and Michael gives you more than enough to handle on his own. He is so energetic and curious. He had a lot of awake times as a baby...I guess we should have known what was in store for us then.

Katie is much more low maintenance than Michael. As long as she is being held, eating or sleeping, she is happy! You can put her down almost anywhere and she will sleep there. We have already tried the swing, the bassinet, the pack and play and the baby papasan. They are all winners. She does like the sound of running water and listening to nature sounds as background noise. Of course, she can also sleep with her brother's screaming and chattering in the background too.

One of my favorite things that she does is her little grunt. When she is sleeping, she lets out this little grunt from time to time. And the grunting is usually what she does when she is stretching and waking up. It's pretty funny to me. I can't wait to see her smile. She does this half smile while sleeping and the glimpses that I get of it make me anxious to see her smile when she is awake!

Here are a few pictures of her today:


Amy said...

She is sooooooo cute! Are those her fingers in the 2nd pic? LONG fingers!!!

Joanna said...

Nom, nom, nom. Must nibble on cute baby.