Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Katie's Thoughts on School

Tonight I was in Katie's room before bed.  I was telling her that tomorrow was Wednesday and she would have school in the morning.  This is how the conversation went:

Me:  When you wake up in the morning, we will get dressed, eat breakfast and I will take you to school.

Katie:  I don't want to go to school tomorrow because I don't like it.

Me: I thought that you liked school.  Won't you miss your friends and Ms. Beth and Ms. Jane Ashley if you don't go?

Katie:  I will miss my friends but I don't like it because I have to wear my hair in a rubber band.

Me:  So the only reason you don't want to go is because of your hair?  If I left your hair down and didn't brush it, then you would want to go to school.

Katie:  Sure.

Me: Well, I am sorry but you have to wear your hair up to go to school so you can see what's going on there.  If you leave your hair down, it will be hard to see where you are going on the playground or where your friends are.

Katie:  I still don't want to go if I have to wear my hair up.

Me: We'll talk about it when you wake up in the morning.  Good night.

It made me laugh that something so simple was making her not want to go to school.  I do not make her wear her hair up on most other days but she is getting better about it because I think she realizes she can see.  However, it usually only lasts for part of the day before she pulls it out.  Let's hope she changes her mind in the morning!

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