Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fun at the Fair

Yesterday we went to the SC State Fair with Todd's parents.  This was the first time that Katie and Michael have ever been to the fair and the first time in many years for the rest of us.  Todd and I used to go there for lunch when his office was located across the street from the fairgrounds.  It was a perfect day to go as the weather was sunny and in the low 70's. 

We got there a little after 1:00.  As soon as we entered the fairgrounds, the kids were ready to go on rides.  The first one Katie went on was the carousel, which Michael does not like.  I had to ride with her as she didn't want to go on alone and it's not my favorite ride either.  Both kids also went on the roller coaster with Todd and Grandmama.  Katie was NOT a fan of that ride and told me when she got off that she did not want to go on the roller skate again!

Some of the kids' favorite rides were the motorcycle, the racecars and the giant slide.  We got to the slide at the right time of day.  There was no line and the kids were able to go on it multiple times in a row before a line formed.  Neither of them wanted to ride the ferris wheel and Michael reconsidered going on a few rides that he said no to when we walked by the first time.

They rode several different rides and then we got something to eat.  We decided on hot dogs and fries.  Later we got strawberry lemonade, cotton candy and cookies.  As we headed home, the kids got candy apples to eat at home the next day.  They both chose the original red with sprinkles. 

We also looked at the animals inside at the fair.  We didn't pet any but did get to see the winners for several different categories, including the rabbits.  Katie and Michael both loved the pony ride but this was no surprise since Katie did it at the zoo a few weeks ago and Michael rode one a few times last year.  There was also an elephant that you could pay to ride but we did not do that.

Everyone was exhausted when we finally headed home after 8:00.  The kids did really well and the only meltdown occurred when we were getting ready to leave.  Katie didn't want to hear that she had to wait until the next day to eat her apple!  We got into the van and asked her if she wanted to go back to the fair again.  She was so tired that she said she never wanted to go back.  Considering all the fun she had, I think it was just the lack of sleep talking.

All in all it was a wonderful day!  We all enjoyed ourselves so much and will look forward to going back again next year.

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