Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Fun

Halloween started with a parade and party at Katie's school in the morning.  It ended with Trick or Treating in the neighborhood with friends riding on the back of their Gator!  The kids were so excited to finally wear their costumes and get candy.  Due to the change in temperature here over the past few days, we had to make a few modifications to Michael's costume last minute.  He was the Hulk and was going to be wearing green paint on his arms and legs.  He ended up wearing a green long sleeve shirt under his Hulk shirt and his purple pants became shorts with green Duck Tape on the bottom of them.  I thought it looked pretty neat!

After Katie's parade, we headed back to her class.  They played musical chairs, hot pumpkin and a Jack O'Lantern bingo game.  They went outside and came back in to eat a Halloween snack.  Each kid got a big bag of treats sent home with them, which included Build a Spider.  This was a bag of green playdoh with black pipecleaners for legs and googly eyes.

The end of the night found everyone exhausted and full of candy.  I imagine that tomorrow morning is going to be kind of rough when Michael has to get up so early for school but Halloween only comes once a year.


Cacey said...

Great costumes!

Carrie77 said...

LOVE Michael's costume! How fun! Katie's build a spider craft is neat, love the Jack O Lantern bingo too! Looks like a fun day!