Monday, October 8, 2012

Flu Shot Fiasco

Last year, I took both kids in to get the flu shot separately.  This was due to the fact that Michael got really upset the previous year and I didn't want him to scare Katie again.  Today both kids had off from school for Columbus Day so I decided to be brave and take them together to get the flu shot. 

I am not quite sure why I thought this would be a good idea but they needed to get it.  I told them we had to go to the doctor but didn't say why as I knew Michael would get upset.  Sure enough, we pulled up at the office and the first thing he said asked was, "Am I getting a shot today?".  I told him yes and then he wouldn't even get out of the car.

Michael did come inside after a few minutes.  The kids and I waited in the well visit room for their names to be called.  Thankfully, we were called back fairly quickly.  I was worried about a long wait so this was a good sign to me.  We got into the exam room and the nurse came in to give the shots.  It was at this point that Michael just started crying and screaming that he wasn't getting a shot.  I tried to get Katie to go first but she wasn't willing to do that.  I wonder why......

It took the nurse and I holding Michael down to get him the shot.  Then he was talking about how his leg was broken and that someone was going to have to carry him out of the office.  I told Katie it was her turn.  She walked up to the table and climbed up to get her shot.  She actually was trying to see what the nurse was going to do.  She was extremely calm considering what was still going on with Michael.  The nurse gave her the shot and she cried.  I told her to look at her sparkly silver bandaid.  She did and the tears stopped.  She was fine.  Michael was still crying about his leg. 

It's amazing to me that Katie was able to get the shot with little crying, especially after the way that Michael was acting.  In that respect, she definitely takes after her father.  When it comes to small, everyday pain, Michael clearly has inherited a low pain threshold from me!

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Carrie77 said...

Oh, goodness! What a fun doctor's visit that was I am sure! I always tell the kids its just a 'pinch', nothing more. Autumn did have to be held down this last time, too, and she got quite upset... last year she was fine. You just never know how they'll react from one year to the next!