Sunday, May 27, 2012

Final Game

Friday night was Michael's last baseball game of the season.  This was his first year doing coaches' pitch.  He enjoyed it for the most part but I am not sure if baseball has enough action for Michael.  There is quite a bit of standing out on the field waiting for the ball to come out.  Here he is waiting for his turn to bat.

His batting definitely got better at the season went on.  Early in the season, most of his at bats ended up with the coach having to bring out the tee for him to bat on.  By the last game, he was only hitting on the tee for one at bat, at most.  We could also see his confidence increase as he hit more pitches that the coach threw to him.

Todd was an assistant coach this year.  Michael really liked having him out on the field with him, as you can see the two of them here waiting for a ball to come their way.  This shot was taken right before a ball was hit in Michael's direction and he was able to field it.  It's been fun watching the progress that he has made this season in the field as well.

After the final game, the team went to Wendy's for a dinner to celebrate the end of the season.  The coach gave out trophies shaped like a baseball glove and he gave each player a game ball to put in the trophy.  Michael thought that was pretty neat and he had some of his teammates sign his ball too.
I don't know if he will play again next year but we enjoyed watching Michael play baseball this season.  Go Express!!

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