Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Eye Doctor Update

Last Tuesday Michael and Katie had their semi-annual visit with the ophthalmologist.  The appointments were rescheduled , which was good and bad.  The good was that they were a month earlier than originally scheduled, the bad was that it was right in the middle of Michael's school day at the office further away from our house.

Both kids had their eyes tested to get their vision with their glasses on.  Michael is seeing 20/40 in both of his eyes with glasses on.  Katie is seeing 20/40 in her right eye but 20/100 in her left eye.  At her last appointment, she had a greater change in the vision in her left eye as well.

Michael's vision was relatively unchanged from the last appointment.  He did not get a new prescription and he does not have any further lens dislocation.  This was great news.  The only bad part of the appointment for him was when he had to get the drops to dilate his eyes.  I felt so bad for him because I know that is not pleasant.  I think he would have run out of the room if he could have.

The vision in Katie's right eye only had a slight change from the last visit.  However, her left eye had a significant change.  Her last prescription was -6.5 and the new one is -11.  The lens in her eye has also become more dislocated. 

For now, we will patch her right eye for 3 hours a day.  So far, it's going OK.  When putting the patch on, she gives me a bit of a hard time but once it's on, she seems to tolerate it pretty well.  I can't imagine it feels great but she has been a real trooper.

We already have an appointment scheduled for both of them with an ophthalmologist at John Hopkins when we go up for our visit in July.  It doesn't hurt to get a second opinion and I think it will definitely give us some peace of mind.

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