Monday, May 21, 2012

6 Year Checkup

As if the past few days weren't already busy enough, Michael's 6 year checkup was scheduled for Friday afternoon.  Todd and I were both able to go to the appointment since my parents were here to watch Katie and the other kids.  We picked Michael up from school early and headed to the doctor.

Michael now weighs 43 lbs, which in the 32nd percentile, and is 46 inches tall, which is in the 60th percentile.  So he gained 4 lbs and grew 3 inches since his 5 year appointment.  There was also a hearing test, which he passed.

The worst part of the appointment was the finger stick for Michael.  The nurse told him it would just feel like a bug bite and that's when he started freaking out.  I don't blame him as he is definitely my kid when it comes to pain.  After a few minutes of pleading with him, he finally sat back down and let the nurse do it.  This caused about 10 minutes of crying because she hurt him so bad.  Luckily there were no shots at this appointment because that may have caused him to have a complete meltdown.

Everything else looked good and we got the handout about what to expect from 6 year olds.  A lot of it was what we are already experiencing, especially dawdling and getting emotional.  Overall, it was a good visit and we won't go back until next May.

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Carrie77 said...

OH crud! Thanks for the reminder of another thing I need to do :) Hope he doesn't have to do the finger stick!