Monday, February 6, 2012

Another First

This weekend, we traveled to Raleigh for my sister's baby shower. The whole family was supposed to go but Todd had to stay home to study for a certification test that he needs to take for work. It was a good opportunity for him to have uninterrupted time to get some studying done, as well as do a few things around the house.

This was the first trip that I have taken with the kids by myself. We loaded up on Friday night and headed out. Between getting gas and bathroom breaks, we made 3 stops that added 45 minutes to our trip. By the time we got there at 10:30, I was pretty tired but Katie and Michael were recharged after their nap in the car.

Katie and I attended the baby shower with my mom and have a great time. Katie was excited to be hanging out with the ladies and helped my sister open her gifts calmly. I was impressed with her calm behavior. Michael enjoyed some bonding time with my dad while we were at the shower too.

Even though we had fun, we all missed Todd and were happy to get home to him. As we were leaving on Friday night, both Michael and Katie were disappointed that he wasn't coming with us. We go almost everywhere as a family so it was strange to leave without Todd. It will be Todd's turn for a solo weekend trip with the kids in less than 2 weeks to his parent's country house as I get away for a girls' weekend. I know it will go as well for him as it did for me!

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