Thursday, February 2, 2012

4 Wheel Fun

Michael has several battery operated ride on toys. His first one was a Little Quad John Deere. He then graduated to a Harley Davidson motorcycle and now rides a green 4 wheeler. He loves to ride it around the yard and give other kids a ride on the back. Since the weather was so nice today, I let the kids go out to ride it.

Michael was the driver and he drove Katie and Tyler around the backyard, with them taking turns as the passenger. I used to be nervous when he was riding it but he knows how fast he can go without losing control and he is much more cautious when he has the little kids on the back.

This was the first time for both of the younger kids to ride on the 4 wheeler. Katie was a bit scared at first but after one ride around the yard, she was hooked. Michael did a great job of being the driver and he was very proud of himself. Here's to more fun times with the 4 wheeler!


Lindsay said...

So cute of them riding together!

Carrie77 said...

Aww! So sweet!