Monday, July 18, 2011

What's Up Next

Well, I figured that the rest of the summer would be pretty low-key, with the exception of our trip to Baltimore for Todd, Katie and Michael's appointments at Johns Hopkins. We needed a break after casting the first week of June, many doctor's appointments through the rest of the month and hernia surgery the first week of July. Looks like I was wrong.

Thursday we went for a follow-up visit to the ENT. Michael had his left ear tube removed at the end of May and his right ear tube was removed last August. We have been waiting for the hole to close in his right ear since then. The ENT told me that the holes do not close up in 3% of the patients with tubes. Guess who is in that 3%? I wasn't surprised when he said Michael. Thankfully, the right ear closed up as expected in just 6 weeks.

The ENT said that his eardrum would have to be repaired. He said that we could have it done anytime as there was no rush but that it would have to be done at some point. We decided to get it done now for 2 reasons: Michael is starting kindergarten in the middle of August and I don't want him to miss any school so early and since he already had surgery this year, we shouldn't have to pay much more to meet the out of pocket maximum for our insurance. I also want Michael to be able to go swimming without having to wear earplugs all the time.

The surgery is scheduled for August 15th, just 4 short days before the first day of school. The doctor said that the recovery time is minimal but you do have to come back to get your stitches removed 10 days post surgery as they take a small skin graft from behind his ear to patch the eardrum. Seems like it's always something here!


Beth said...

Oh no Karen! Good thing Michael is so tough. What a crazy summer.

Stacey said...

I'm amazed at the grace with which you handle all of these medical issues. Michael is so lucky to have you!

Carrie77 said...

I think it is wise you do it now, before school..and while you won't have to pay much more out of pocket! It sounds like Michael is such a trooper!