Sunday, July 10, 2011

Post Surgery

Michael's surgery went as planned on Friday morning. It started at 7:38am and was completed in less than an hour. The surgeon came out to the waiting room to give us the update on how the surgery went. He was able to repair both hernias and there were no complications. Michael fought the mask a little bit but then it went fine. Todd went back to see him in the immediate post recovery and then I was able to go back into the second recovery room about 20 minutes later. We were leaving the hospital by 10:00am.

Michael rested for most of Friday but never went back to sleep. He had some pain medicine to keep him comfortable and he spent most of the day either playing video games or watching TV. Both sets of his grandparents were here to visit him, which provided a nice distraction.

He went to bed around 8 on Friday night and slept through all night. The only thing that he really couldn't do was get in and out of bed and he needed some help getting his clothes off to use the bathroom. We let him sleep with us on Friday night but he was back in his bed last night. Tonight he will get to take his first shower since the surgery.

Michael is doing surprisingly well. If I didn't know better, I would have no idea that he had surgery on Friday. He was just playing around the house with Katie and running outside. I am going to try not to plan too many activities for this week so he doesn't hurt himself. We can take the bandage off on Friday and will go back for a follow-up visit next Thursday.

The children's hospital here was great. We didn't really have to wait very long to see the doctor or nurses. The pre-op room that we were in had a TV with DVD player and movies to choose from, as well as a Nintendo DS with various games. Michael loved playing IronMan and Toy Story 3. He got to have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle surgery cap and wore peach pajamas with yellow socks. Unfortunately, I only got one picture.

I am so happy that this was a good experience for Michael's first surgery.


Joanna said...

So nice to hear that everything went well and that Michael is on the mend. Love his cap!

LauraC said...

Glad to hear it went so well!

Beth said...

Michael is so cute in that picture! Glad it went well and that he recovered so quickly. What a trooper!

Carrie77 said...

Children's Hospitals are such a blessing. When Nathan had to go for his asthma, it made it so much easier since they had a lot of fun distractions just for kids.

Mel said...

Glad he is doing well. Kids are so good at bouncing back!

Jessica said...

SO glad to hear everything went so well! He's a trooper.