Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pool Time

We have been staying close to home since Michael has had his surgery. Most of our days have been spent inside trying to stay cool. I didn't think it was fair to Katie to not be able to go to the pool until Michael is better so I set up our little pool in the backyard. I took Katie and the little boy I watch out there after naptime.

Michael went outside to check it out and told me that there wasn't enough water in there. I had put about an inch in there. The little kids got in there and had a blast. They laid down on their backs and let the water cool them off. They laid on their stomachs, kicked their feet and splashed water all around. I put a few balls and a couple of boats in for them to play with too.

It was awesome to watch them having such a great time with each other doing something that was so simple. It definitely wants to make me get out the pool more often. If only it wasn't so hot when I was setting it up.....

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