Sunday, July 24, 2011

Potty Training Progress

A few weeks ago, I decided to give potty training Katie a shot. I also thought I would try to potty train the little boy I watch at the same time since Michael was out of town for the week. After 3 days of both of them peeing everywhere but the potty, I decided to rethink my strategy and focus on Katie first.

I had her wear underwear at home all day and pull-ups at night and nap. She was telling me when she would pee in her underwear by handing the wet pairs to me. I was asking her if she had to use the potty but her answer was always the same: NO! About 2 weeks went by and there was no further progress. I told Katie that we were done with potty training and to let me know when she was ready to wear big girl panties. The next morning, I went in her room to get her up for the day. She told me, "Mommy, I don't want to wear diapers anymore." I decided to do one more day of underwear before completely throwing in the towel. For whatever reason, this was the breakthrough day. She consistently peed in the potty, even though she still wouldn't poop in it. The next few days were the same thing.

Today was her first outing to a birthday party wearing underwear. She did great and only had one accident (and it wasn't pee). We went out to eat with Todd's mom after that and she had an accident in the car. It was a long day and she didn't have a nap. I thought that she did pretty well considering this was her first time out in underwear. We will try again tomorrow.

We have really been praising her everytime that she uses the potty. She comes up to you and says, "I'm so proud of you", and claps for herself after she uses the potty. She also likes to say, "Good job Katie!". It's so cute to hear her. Michael has also been really good about giving her words of encouragement. He told her congratulations the other day after she used the potty. And also told her to keep trying when she wasn't having success.

This is going to take a little while but at least we are making progress in the right direction! And I didn't want to say anything about it here for fear of jinxing it.


Mel said...

Yippeee! Katie gives me hope for Mariele.

Mariele is poop trained, but not pee trained. I just need to commit to doing it. I keep putting it off. I'm glad I at least don't have to deal with dirty diapers, though.

Carrie77 said...

Autumn is still doing #2 in her undies. However, she is staying dry at night now so I think when I am off work for our staycation in 2 weeks I may attempt to put her in undies at night. We'll see. So glad it is going good!

Jessica said...

Great progress! Frustrations are par for the course, but it seems like she's made it over a big hurdle the day she decided she didn't want to wear diapers anymore. Yay!