Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Language Explosion

Katie has been talking for a while now but she is really starting to put together thoughts and expressing them in sentences. She is already asking "why" questions and constantly asks "where" people went.

One morning last week, she woke up and I got her dressed. I opened the blind on one of her windows and she looked outside. She said "Daddy go to work. Daddy drive his truck fast." She gets up and walks into our room and asks me "Daddy sleeping?"

We are in the kitchen and she opens the pantry door. She then says, "I want cereal and milk please". About Michael's breakfast she says, "Michael eat peanut butter crackers." Michael had gotten hurt and she said "what happened to Michael?" She also cheers for him while he plays the computer and claps for him saying "good job".

Of course, one of her favorite words is "no" and she does not hesitate to use it. What's really funny is that she actually says it in response to your questions and will answer "OK" or "yes" sometimes. When we get home, she says "open the door" and after we come inside, she says "close the door".

We have been talking about the potty and she is getting the concept down. I told her that if she uses the potty, then she will get candy as a treat. So I say to her "Does Katie want to use the potty?" and she says to me "I use the potty, I get candy, no diaper."

Katie will usually try to repeat anything that we say to her. It's fun to hear her making sentences and being able to carry on conversations. She also "reads" to herself. She has a small box of books that have outside scenes on them and the animals and things that are located there. She will tell you what the cover picture is and then answer what the pictures are inside if you ask her. Katie's favorite books are a few of Michael's. She knows who Thomas and Mater are. Guess I have to get her some more girly books!!


Carrie77 said...

So cute! Autumn loves the word "No" too, but she actually says its, "Nooooooooooooo!" haha!

Jessica said...

I love this age! They really start turning into little people. Enjoy!

Steph said...

Woo hoo! Way to go Katie. The language explosion is so fun.