Friday, December 31, 2010

Done: 2010

2010 was a pretty decent year for the Sipos family.

Katie learned to walk and turned 1 all in the same month. Over the next 9 months, she learned how to climb on almost everything in our house. She also started saying words and formed her first sentence when she was just 19 months old. It was "I want a snack now!". She got her first pair of glasses in May and started to wear them consistently in December, as it was quite a battle to get her to understand that they would help her see better.

Michael has continued to learn so many new things. He finished up his first year of preschool and is attending 5 mornings a week in his second year. I can't believe he will be in kindergarten in 2011. We have been working with him on learning how to write his name and he is getting there. He played his first organized sport, soccer, this fall, and loved it.

We took our first trip as a family to Disney World. Michael had a blast but Katie may have been a bit too young. She was a real trooper and let us cart her around to all of the parks. As long as she had something to eat she was happy! We also went on our annual trip to Johns Hopkins for doctor's appointments for Todd and Michael.

Todd accepted a new position at work this fall, which was a bit unexpected, but will be a great opportunity for his career. I am fortunate enough to continue to stay at home with the kids and am enjoying my time with them!

Here's hoping that 2011 is at least as good as 2010.


Joanna said...

Happy New Year!

Stacey said...

Happy New Year! I hope you have a great 2011. I am sure your kids will continue to do such fun new things.