Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Michael's Christmas Program

Michael's class at preschool had their program yesterday and sang for the other 4 year old class program today. It was so cute to watch the kids sing songs and play their roles.

The teachers let each child choose what they wanted to be. The only roles that were assigned were Mary and Joseph. Michael chose to be a sheep. We were sitting in the audience watching him come in and noticed that his costume didn't look like a sheep at all. When they were getting dressed, he saw another costume in the box and wanted to be that instead. It was a goat.

As the narrator told the story of the birth of the baby Jesus, Michael was sitting on stage in front of Mary and Joseph. Apparently he wasn't too fond of the tail on his costume as he tried to get it out from under him. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen and so adorable at the same time. He finally realized that it was attached to his costume and just sat on it.

After the show was over, we went to the hall for some cookies and drinks. Michael got to leave school early as they were done for the day after the program. Today Katie and I went to watch him sing for the other class. It was one of the first times that he actually sang and participated in the program.

Here are a few pictures of him from yesterday's show:

Wearing his sweatshirt after singing today

Katie waiting for the show to start

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Joanna said...

Ah, the true beauty of Christmas pageants. Watching your child do something really funny that has nothing to do with the actual show. Love the goat costume.