Friday, August 27, 2010

On the road again

We are heading out of town for a few days shortly and I feel like there is so much to do to get ready. It seems like I can prepare and pack in advance but when it comes down to the final days before the trip, I see a bunch of things that need to be done.

I am actually feeling pretty good about my trip preparation this time. I have gotten bags packed ahead of time and they are sitting in closets waiting to be loaded up. I am also trying to pare down the insane amount of items that we always seem to bring with us and never use. I have also been putting things into one central pile so nothing crucial gets forgotten.

One day I will be able to pack in my sleep. I have thought about making a list to be sure that I don't forget something but that would require sitting down and having the time to make the list. I figure as long as we have the kids, clothes and money, we should be good.

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