Monday, August 23, 2010

One out, one in

Michael had a follow-up appointment with his ENT last week. We normally go every 6 months but when we went earlier this summer, the doctor noticed that Michael's tube in his right ear had moved a little bit. He thought this was probably due to the ear infection that Michael had in April. He decided to give it 2 months to see if it moved at all and then we would check again. The tube had not moved back but it had not gotten any worse either.

The ENT decided that we should remove the tube as he didn't want the hole in Michael's ear to get any bigger. So he took it out right there in the office. This didn't make Michael very happy but I can understand that. He then put ear drops in and a cotton ball to keep the ear drops in. The cotton ball was worse than anything else that had gone on that day and a good bit of crying and whining ensued. As soon as I took the cotton ball out, it stopped.

He now has to wear an earplug when going swimming. I am interested to see how that's going to go but I told him that I would wear one too if it made him feel better. We will go back in 2 more months for another check. Here's hoping that there are no infections in our immediate future.


LauraC said...

Have you seen the Ear Band-It? It is a headband to keep ear plugs in when swimming. We had one for Nate when he needed to wear ear plugs when swimming. I got it at One Step Ahead.

Joanna said...

I hope his ear stays healthy during that time. Ear infections suck.