Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where did the water go?

Yesterday we didn't have anything planned until late afternoon. So I was trying to think of something fun and new for Michael to do. We played in the sandbox for a little bit. Then I remembered an activity I had read about on Facebook or another blog.

I asked Michael if he wanted to do some painting. He asked me if it was painting like Daddy does since he has seen Todd paint the playhouse recently. I told him that it was a different kind of painting and it would only last for a little while. I also told him that it wouldn't be very messy, which is important to Michael. I got our big Home Depot bucket out and filled it one-third full of water.

We went out to the driveway with a pack of paintbrushes. I dipped my paintbrush in to the water and started to make shapes on the driveway. The temperature was in the low 90's so the water dried fairly quick. Michael saw what I was doing and started painting "grass", which was just a big spot of water that he kept expanding more and more.

Katie even got in on the fun when I gave her a paintbrush. Her idea of water painting consisted of dipping the brush in the water and then eating the end of the brush. Or just trying to see if she could stick her hands in the water.

It was fun to watch the kids playing together and painting on the driveway. Michael and I talked about where the water went and how the sun dried the water. He kept trying to paint over the places that had dried. The best parts about this activity was that it wasn't messy and the kids played for at least 30 minutes. That's a decent amount of time for one thing!


Mel said...

What a great idea! I just know Analese would really love doing this. I will have to give it a try!

Joanna said...

What a great idea! Fun for the kids, no staining, and no cleanup. I think I'll steal this one.

Carrie77 said...

I want to steal this idea, too!!!