Monday, June 14, 2010

Update on Todd's Eye

This morning we headed back to the doctor to have him check Todd's eye. He still can't see where he repaired the retina as the eye is in the process of healing. Since Todd has to keep his head down all day and night long, this is helping the gas bubble stay where it needs to facilitate healing.

When the doctor looked in Todd's eye this morning, he said that he could tell that Todd has been keeping his head down as the blood was pooled in the bottom of the eye. Only 2 more days to go before Todd can lift his head again. I know it doesn't seem like that long but when you are uncomfortable it can seem like an eternity.

He will go back for another check on Friday. Hopefully there will be enough healing for the doctor to see if the surgery was successful or not. He has every reason to believe that it will be. His eye pressure was a bit elevated on Saturday morning but it was back in the normal range today. That's also good news.

I know Todd will just be happy when he can lift his head up again. It's going to take some time to heal and he won't be able to lay on his back but lying on his side will be better than his stomach!!!


Joanna said...

I think keeping his head down for 5 days sound like a really long time. I know I wouldn't want to do it. I'm glad everything is looking good and I hope his eye continues to improve.

Mel said...

That would be tough to keep the head down like that. Glad things seem to be healing. Probably hard for you to have hubby totally out of commission.

Steph said...

Wow. I have been away from the computer and blogs for a while. I am sorry to hear about Todd's eye, I am glad that he is doing so well keeping his head down- that seems like it would be really hard to do.

Kara said...

So sorry that Todd is having to go through this AGAIN! I hope he gets a good report from the dr today.