Thursday, June 24, 2010

Class 3

Last night was the 3rd class for cake decorating. Since my camera was broken and being fixed last week, I don't have any pictures of the spectacular cake that I made for the second class. Let's just say I need to practice my technique a bit more. It was a round white cake with a green border and a hamburger on top.

The 3rd class concentrated on flowers and border designs. We learned how to do a shell, leaf, pompom flower, rosette, drop flower. We also learned how to ice a cupcake using a decorating tip. I doubt that I will ever ice a cupcake with a spatula or knife again. And they look so much better the new way too!

It's been a lot of fun learning how to decorate cakes using different techniques. And I have also met some nice people too. Everyone is friendly and willing to share their cake supplies, icing, etc.

Next week is the last class. We will be doing our final project, which is a cake. I get to pick a design to make and select the type of cake to make. I think I am going to attempt a round layer cake with some sort of fruit filling in between the layers. I will have to take some pictures when it's complete.

Here are few shots of the cupcakes:


Kara said...

That sounds like a fun class!

Beth said...

Awesome cupcakes! I especially liked the purple ones. I can decorate Wilton cake pan cakes, with the star tip, but flowers and leaves are way beyond me. I'm so impressed!

MyWorld said...

Are you very crafty in general? I've thought about taking one of those classes, but I'm not horribly crafty/talented and I wonder how I would do with it.

Heidi O said...

ummm yum! I would like to take a class like that at some point. It looks like fun.

Carrie77 said...

YUM! Now I want to take a cake decorating class!