Thursday, June 17, 2010

15 months and 1 day

Things around here have been pretty crazy since Todd's surgery last Friday night. We will go back to the doctor tomorrow morning for an eye re-check and to see what the next step is.

In the meantime, Katie turned 15 months old yesterday. It's so hard to believe it. The time is flying by and she is developing her personality day by day. She can now say several phrases and knows quite a few words. Some of her favorites are "Mom", "Let's Go", "no", "bye-bye", "night night". I can say "one" and she repeats "two". It's so much fun to hear her talk. She has a deep voice and it's funny to hear it come out of such a little person.

She has already had 2 haircuts at home, just her bangs, because they are growing like crazy. She wears 18 month clothing and a size 4.5 shoe. We go for her 15 month well check the week after next. I am interested to see how much she has grown since the 1 year checkup. She still loves to eat too! We put food on her tray and it just disappears.

Katie now gets mad and her body goes limp when she is having her mini tantrums. She has learned to laugh at herself. If you are laughing about something she will join in too. Her relationship with Michael is changing right before our eyes. They now play together and she loves to follow him around. He can still make her laugh like no one else.

I love being a mom to a little girl and am amazed at everything that she is learning and doing. It's such a different experience from raising a boy but yet it is just as rewarding!

**Unfortunately I don't have a picture for 15 months because our camera is broken and in the shop!**


MyWorld said...

My daughter is 22 months already and I've been cracking up with her verbal development.

Last night at dinner, she asked me, "What's dis?" I told her it was saffron rice and she said, "ooooh." And then proceeded not to eat any of it.

Steph said...

Times flies, doesn't it! I was thinking the whole time while I was reading this 'where are the pictures?' ha ha. Hope your camera comes back soon!

Joanna said...

She's really entering that fun stage. I think 15-18 months is super fun. I'm glad that she and Michael are playing (even if he gets a little pushy).

LOL about the food. And you worry about Michael eating you out of house and home.

Kara said...

Time does fly. I can't believe that she is already 15 months old!!

I hope you get your camera back soon.

Mel said...

I agree. It is a fun stage! The verbal development is really a lot of fun.