Saturday, February 13, 2010

Southern Snow

One inch of snow to someone who lives in South Carolina would be equal to at least a foot of snow to someone who lives in New Jersey. So imagine how we felt when it started to snow around 4:00 Friday afternoon and was still snowing at midnight?

When I went outside shortly after 10:00pm, we had 5 inches in the front yard and the street was covered with a few inches too.

We spent some time outside yesterday afternoon building a snowman with our next-door neighbors and their little boy. The snowball was equal parts grass and equal parts snow. The boys had a great time rolling the snowballs and then the dads took over. The end result was a pretty decent size snowman.

This morning we headed back outside. Michael didn't want to wear the winter gear to go back outside. He went out for a brief amount of time and we made snow angels in the front yard.

I brought him back inside and brought Katie out for a few minutes. I put her down in the snow and she didn't like it at all. Once I got her sitting up, she crawled out of the snow to the porch and started to play with the snow. I think she may have liked the snow better than Michael today.

Of course, the sun was out today and most of it was melted by mid-afternoon. Just the kind of snow I like, the kind that is here just long enough for the kids to play in and then it melts away!


Carrie77 said...

Oh what a precious little picture of her laying in the snow (even though she didn't like it). We had some snow last night so I finally get to take the kids out today in it after Autumn wakes from her nap. :):)

Steph said...

Great pictures, and I can't believe you got snow in SC! I always think Columbia is one of the hottest places I have ever been to. Our offices in Atlanta closed early Friday due to snow so I got to leave early too which was nice because that storm missed us in TN.

Lindsay said...

Gorgeous pic of your house!

Joanna said...

LOL. You had perfect snow! I'm glad the kids got to play in the snow. I love the hairy snowman.