Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Here Comes Another One

Another tooth, that is! Katie got her first tooth just a few days before she turned 9 months old. Since then, she has gotten 5 more. I just saw the 6th one breaking through this morning. That makes 6 teeth in 1.5 months. I think that Michael had 8 teeth by his first birthday. The only two Katie is missing on the lateral incisors on the bottom.

It's funny to think that I was worried that she didn't have any teeth just 2 months ago. It certainly didn't stop her from eating anything that she wanted to. And now that she has the teeth, she thinks she can eat even more. A few weeks back, she tried to eat a taco right out of my hand. When it's time to eat, I break up the food into little pieces and put it on her tray. She shoves as many as she can into her mouth without choking but then can't figure out how to chew them. It's pretty funny to watch but a little scary at the same time.

I keep trying to get a picture of her little teeth but she does not want to cooperate at all. I think I may have to resort to getting Michael to make her laugh and snap a picture when she is not expecting it. Katie really doesn't like to pose for the camera for some strange reason. Probably because she knows I want her to. I will keep trying to get the elusive tooth shot and post it if I do!


Stacey said...

Aww, I'd love to see the photos. Will has three teeth. They make him look so grown up!

Lindsay said...

That's so crazy! AJC (18 mo's) is JUST NOW getting teeth #7-9!

Joanna said...

Good luck snapping some pictures. I'd love to see them if you can get them. toothy baby smiles are adorable.

Jessica and Jason said...

6 teeth that fast! She's a hard-charger, Karen. :)