Thursday, February 11, 2010

Making Valentines

Tomorrow Michael is having his Valentine's Day party at preschool. So this afternoon, we made the Valentines for his friends. We used Spiderman hologram valentines and heart shaped lollipops.

His teachers requested that we should not address the valentines so that the kids can pass them out to the other kids. I thought this was a bit strange as the To: line was blank but I could see how it would be easier with 17 kids. I filled out Michael's name and then he "signed" each one with a circle. He then taped a heart-shaped lollipop to each valentine.

He is so excited to take them to school tomorrow to give them to his friends. I asked him about the party at school and he let me know he couldn't wait to share his valentines with his friends. I am sure that the party will be a huge success this year, as this is the first time he has really shown interest in giving and receiving valentines!

Signing the valentines:

Katie watching Michael:

The finished product


Mel said...

That looks like fun! I always enjoyed making the Valentines for school.

Carrie77 said...

Awwww looks like he had a blast!! We got lots of heart shaped suckers from Nathan's party... and trust me, they will each be cherished!

Alexa said...

You are really so lucky to have all the time with your kids. The closer I get to returning to work, the more envious I'm getting of you! :-)