Monday, December 14, 2009

Just in time for Christmas

Katie's first tooth broke through on 12/12!! I had noticed that her gums were bulging and she was gnawing on EVERYTHING. She was chewing on her spoon, blanket, washcloth and pretty much anything she could get into her mouth. I thought that we might see her first tooth soon but I didn't get my hopes up. It was the bottom left center tooth.

I had thought that she would actually get teeth early. Around the time she was 3 months old, I thought I saw the beginnings of a tooth. It was actually some sort of white spot on her gums that went away. Michael got his first two teeth right after he turned 5 months old so I expected the same for Katie. When she didn't have any teeth by 7 months old, I stopped looking for them for a while. It was so hard to even get a look inside of her mouth anyway. Every time Katie opens her mouth, she simultaneously sticks her tongue out over her bottom gums. Would have gotten a picture but she won't open her mouth enough yet!

Katie didn't seem to be in too much discomfort from this. However, it does explain why she hasn't really been napping well during the day. She slept quite a bit yesterday after the tooth broke through. Thankfully, it didn't really affect her nighttime sleep.

I can't wait to see what she will look like once the tooth comes out a little more. I think that babies with their front two bottom teeth are so cute. I imagine that she will get the second tooth in about a week or so but I am not getting my hopes up as it seemed to take this one quite a while to come through. Looking forward to her next development but not wanting to rush it at the same time!!


Mel said...

YAY Katie! Yeah, they do usually come in pairs. Now Mariele got the bottom 2, then the top 2. Now she has the bottom 4 and top 4! Those other 4 really came in altogether. And she seems to be taking a little break from it, but I'm watching!

Joanna said...

I would ask for a picture, but I know Katie isn't going to help you on that one.