Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Tree

Friday night we went to get our Christmas tree. This was pretty early for us to get it. It always seems like we take our time to get the tree but we decided to get it done early this year. We headed out around 7:00pm to Home Depot. Most of the trees there were still wrapped up. Todd would bring the tree out and Michael would unwind the twine from the trees. Then we would shake the tree out and see if we liked it or not.

There were quite a few tall trees that probably wouldn't have fit through our doorway. We were looking along the back wall and then realized that those trees were 9ft-10ft....too big for us! After a while, we finally found the perfect tree for us. Todd, Michael and I all agreed that we liked it. It was full and just the right height with a perfect branch to put the tree topper on.

We always enjoy getting the tree and will continue to make it a family tradition to pick it out all together. Even Katie got to check them out....her vote will be counted next year!

Once we get the tree decorated, I will show some pictures of it. Right now, it only has lights on it. While it looks great so far, we need to finish the ornaments and put the tree skirt on. I will show some pictures of the finished product later this week.

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