Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

2009 was a year of many changes in our family. I did a lot better this year with blogging and many of the events were actually recorded!

The birth of Katie came in March, making us a family of four. Michael adjusted well to this change, which was a welcome surprise to everyone who knows him. Our house a/c unit went out in April and a week later, the transmission went out in our car. We ended up getting a new to us Toyota Sienna.

I went back to work at the end of May and Michael went back to daycare while my mom watched Katie. The summer flew by and we took several trips, including our annual family vacation. We went to Virginia, Baltimore and New Jersey to visit family. Todd and Michael had their appointments at Johns Hopkins and everyone checked out well.

The business that I worked for was sold on August 31st and I was able to stay at home with the kids for a while. I have been very fortunate to have this opportunity and am very thankful that Todd has a state job.

Michael started preschool 3 morning a week in September. This has been a wonderful experience for him and he is thriving in the environment. He is growing up so quickly and says some of the most entertaining things.

The holidays came quickly and it was so much fun to experience them through the eyes of our children. Michael was Batman for Halloween and Katie was a turtle. Christmas brought lots of holiday activities as well as time with family.

Katie got her first tooth in December and she started to crawl right after Christmas. So we really didn't have to worry about her destroying the tree this year :)

All in all, it was a decent year. There were definitely some things that I wish wouldn't have happened but those were balanced out with things that I wouldn't trade the world for. Looking forward to seeing what 2010 brings!

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