Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Tidbits

Since I started staying at home with Michael and Katie, it seems like the days are busier than when I was working. I have much less free time during the day. Michael has school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and physical therapy on Tuesday. So Thursday is the only day of the week that we can stay at home all day.

Today brought another cold, windy and rainy day. When Michael wakes up in the morning, he asks me or Todd where he is going that day. Today I told him that we didn't have to go anywhere today. He told me he wanted to stay home. So we all got dressed in warm cozy clothes and stayed in for the day. It was nice.

I have been thinking about making this post a regular feature each Thursday since we don't have any obligations. It could be a recap about what happened in the past week and would give me a reason to blog at least once a week about things that may not be enough for their own blog post.

Some things that happened in the past week:

  • Katie was sitting on the floor today and when I came back into the room, she was on her knees trying to pull up on Michael's table.
  • Todd and Michael spent a nice afternoon with his dad at his parents' house in Ruby on Friday.
  • We started Christmas shopping and are hoping to finish it up early this year, for once, so we can relax and enjoy the holiday season.
  • We got Michael's school pictures back and they turned out great.
  • Todd was able to get the H1N1 vaccine so hopefully it will stay away from our house.
  • Michael continues to be concerned with what he is wearing and will only wear certain clothes, making him more difficult to dress than myself or Todd.
  • Katie has been going through a bit of a rough time getting to sleep at bedtime. I hope it's just a phase and passes quickly.

Looking forward to doing this again next week. I will have to keep a written list of what is going on so I can remember to include it.


Jessica and Jason said...

Great idea for a regular blog feature!

Joanna said...

I hated the phases where you know something is going on, but you have no idea what it is, or when it will get better.