Tuesday, November 10, 2009


After we had Michael, we were unsure if we were going to have another child or not, even though Todd and I both have siblings. Then we found out that we were pregnant with Katie. We expected the worst when we told Michael, even though I am not sure he understood what was going on.

When we brought Katie home from the hospital, Michael was so excited to see all of us. He was enamored by Katie and what she could or could not do. We told him that he was the big brother and could do things that Katie couldn't do yet. So he would repeat to us that Katie couldn't eat what he did because she didn't have teeth (and still doesn't).

Fast forward to now: Katie is just as enamored with Michael. He is the one who makes her laugh the loudest, as well as cry the loudest if he gets too rough. It seems like anything that he does is so entertaining to her. Their interaction is so neat and I watch them learn from each other. Michael is learning that everything is not his and how to share and be kind to his sister. Katie is learning how to laugh, cry and play with her older brother. She is always learning how to fend for herself. I have told Michael that it's only a matter of time before Katie can get into his toys.

I am so thankful that Michael and Katie will have each other as siblings as they grow up. I look forward to watching the bond develop even more. Michael tells Katie that he loves her very much. I think that's so sweet....and even sweeter will be the day that she tells him the same thing back!


Stacey said...

I also love watching my baby look with such amusement and admiration at his big brother. Unfortunately, in our case the big brother is usually doing something mean to the baby. I bet Michael and Katie will be so close!

Jessica and Jason said...

So sweet. I love siblings.