Saturday, October 31, 2009

Michael's Halloween Celebration

We headed to his preschool yesterday morning to watch the kids in a parade. Most of the kids in each class were dressed up and they paraded around the outside of the school/church. Michael wasn't too excited about the parade but he was excited to see us there. He kept getting out of line while we were trying to take pictures of him. He did like being dressed up in his costume and did an excellent job of keeping the whole thing on, even the mask.

After the parade, we headed back to his classroom for the Halloween snack. They had cookies, pretzels, and juice boxes. Someone had made some cute cookies that looked like witches hats using fudge stripe cookies and hersheys kisses. Michael ate that cookie first. Then we headed to the "big room" for the kids to play some Halloween games. One was fishing, in which they got a big sack of treats, another was bean bag toss through Frankenstein's face and they also had pin the nose on the pumpkin. This was a bit of organized chaos as they had 17 kids running from game to game, even though they were in groups. It was almost time to leave then. We went back to the classroom and the teacher read the book for the day. They sang the goodbye song and then we left.

It was really neat to see Michael interact with his classmates and celebrate Halloween. I know he can't wait for trick or treating tonight as well as the candy. And as he let me know, "I like candy, Mom!". What kid doesn't?

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