Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Halloween craft

Now that I am home with Michael and Katie, I have been taking the opportunity to do some things that we had a hard time doing while I was working. We have been baking quite a bit and I decided it was time for a craft. I came upon the perfect one for Halloween in Family Fun Magazine.

We started off with a box of tangerine orange Rit dye, a big bucket, and 4 t-shirts. I let Michael pick how many pumpkins he wanted on his shirt. He also helped me with Todd's t-shirt and he let me know that I could do mine and Katie's. Since it was raining, we headed out into the garage to dye the shirts. Michael and I took turns stirring the shirts in the bucket. After about 30 minutes, we brought them inside and rinsed them out. I washed, then dried the shirts.

Later that night, I drew the faces on the pumpkins. The shirts turned out great. We all wore our shirts one day this week and Todd & I will wear ours on Halloween.


LauraC said...

I love these! I will have to keep them in mind for next year.

Well you know I have a blogging problem, what works for me is to pick a time each day where I write something quickly. But I am a schedule person!

Lindsay said...

I love them, too! What a cute use of tie dye! I love the placement on Katie's. =)