Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bounce House Fun

We borrowed a bounce house from some friends for Michael's birthday party. Well, we still have it for a few more weeks and decided to take it out on Friday for Michael to play in it. It has a dinosaur theme to it and Michael loves it. He runs all around it and goes in one side and comes down the slide on the other side.

It's so much fun that Todd and I have taken turns going in there with Michael. We all like to bounce and Michael thinks it's hysterical when you go down the slide. What I think is really funny is how long it takes me to get up after going down the slide!

Here are some pictures of Michael enjoying himself in the bounce house and down the slide:

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Carrie77 said...

Wow that is a COOL bounce house!! Haha! I bet it'd take me awhile to get up after going down the slide, too! lol!