Monday, March 30, 2009

The Generosity of Friends

We are very fortunate to have good friends who have been very generous to us before and after the birth of both Michael and Katie. They have given us their time, as well as showered us with gifts and meals when we returned home. The friends are located as close as a few miles away and others are across the country. We have received packages on a weekly basis since having Katie.

I have made some great "mommy" friends through the internet. To me, this is a great way to meet other moms who share your common interests and have children the same age as you. It's also a great outlet to get opinions on parenting and other issues that moms experience on a daily basis. In fact, several other moms have also written about this and their "internet" or "blog" friends.

Since the birth of Katie, I have received gifts from 2 of my "mommy" friends. These are special to me since I have never met either of them in person but feel as if I know them just as well as my friends that I see or talk to on a regular basis. It really touched me that they thought of us to take the time to choose a gift that we would really love.

I received a gift from Joanna the day that I arrived home from the hospital. For the majority of my pregnancy, I was extremely limited on the foods that appealed to me. There were two things that I really wanted to eat once I had Katie: eggs and steak. I had been talking about this with Joanna and her gift was a package from Omaha Steaks. It had 4 steaks, potato wedges, and corn for a delicious dinner. Todd and I are going to eat it this weekend and I can't wait. Thank you so much Joanna!!

The second gift was received on Monday this week. It was from Anna. It was the most adorable onesie with the initial "K" personalized by Anna for Katie. She also knitted a little cap for Katie to wear. The colors will go great with her dark hair and complexion. It was such a nice surprise and exciting to see what would be inside. Here is a picture of the items that Anna sent:

I hope that one day soon, I can meet the moms that I chat with on a daily basis in person! I know that we would have a great time and we already know so much about each other. Thanks again Joanna and Anna!!


Zoey's Mommy said...

How sweet and thoughtful of them to send gifts!

Carrie77 said...

I love my BBC friends! I got a Target giftcard from the Mature Mamas group that used to be on the May06 board but now we have a private Yahoo group and Janna from that group has sent me 5 boxes of clothes and is coming to STL just to meet me this summer (she also used to live here). I've never had Omaha steaks but I bet they are goooood! I love that hat!