Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wonderfully Warm Winter Weather

After several weeks of colder weather, a warm front seems to be moving into the area.  This morning was one of the first in several days that there was no frost on the windshield.  It was in the mid 60's by the time that Michael got home from school.  Katie had already been playing outside for over an hour and he quickly joined her.  They mostly played on the porch with Katie's new Playdoh popsicle set and then did some coloring on the easel.  When it started to get dark, they came inside, although neither of them wanted to.

The final picture is something that I want to remember forever.  My view from the kitchen as I prepared dinner:


Carrie77 said...

Autumn has quite a few Playdoh sets, but not the popsicle one. She got the gumball maker for Christmas. She is so into playdoh! The popsicle one looks super fun!

Alexandra Marie said...

ohh thats adorable ! they look like they are having fun :)

Alexandra Marie