Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Letters Make Words

Katie has recently taken an interest in what letters are used to spell people's names and words.  When we are out at the store, for example, she will see the letter "K" on something and knows that is what her name starts with.  She also knows "M" for Michael and "T" for Tyler, the little boy I watch.  Over the past few weeks, she has also become interested in writing these letters.  Katie practices the "K" all the time and is pretty good at writing it.  If I tell her how to write a letter or show her an example, she can duplicate the letter pretty closely.

I am surprised that she can write her name so well already and that she shows such interest in it.  Katie will sit at the table with a piece of paper and write the letters that she knows over and over again.  This can keep her busy for at least 15-20 minutes.  She gets upset when she doesn't think the letter is "perfect" and will write it again until it is done to her satisfaction.  Her standards are pretty high for an almost 4 year old!

Here are a few of her writing samples:

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Stacey said...

Her writing is about a million times better than Will's!