Monday, January 28, 2013

Pinewood Derby

Saturday was Michael's first Pinewood Derby with his Cub Scout Pack.  The design that he and Todd chose was the Batmobile.  They painted it black and silver and finished it off with some silver flames on the side.  When they got to the race, they had to name the car.  They named it Knight Rider.

While the leaders were getting set up for the race, the pack leader gave out awards for various activities that the scouts had completed.  Michael received his belt loops for archery and BB Guns from the camping trip in October. 

Michael could not wait to go there and race.  I was pretty impressed with the race set up.  I had a circular track pictured in my head with kids pushing the car off for the start.  This was much more organized that that.  There was a long metal track that started higher in the air and came down to a straightaway.  The track had a finish line that gave the automatic finishing of each lane.  Each Cub Scout was able to take a turn to press the button to start the cars on the track, which I thought was neat. 

There were 32 heats, which included racers from each of the dens in the pack.  On the wall, they had a projector that listed each car racing in the heat, as well as the racers on deck.  It was really helpful to be able to see who was racing there instead of trying to look for the car, which was a bit small from where we were sitting.  At the end of each heat, the winner came up on the wall, as well as the time of the car.

At the end of the heats, the leaders tallied the winners.  The pack leader gave out certificates to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each den.  All of the kids in each den got a participation medal.  Michael came in 1st place in his den.  He was so excited, especially since it was his first time.  We then found out that the winners of each den were going to race in a final race.

The final race included 6 heats with 4 racers.  They were in different lanes and some were left open since there were 6 total lanes.  Michael got 3rd place in his pack!! 


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