Sunday, November 20, 2011

Uncle Day

Todd let me sleep in this morning. When I woke up, the kids were coming upstairs to get dressed. Uncle Sidney had come over to see if they wanted to go to the pond in our neighborhood to feed the ducks. They couldn't wait to go. We gathered up some old bread and they headed down there.

When they got back, they couldn't wait to tell Todd and I what they had done. They collected leaves, fed the ducks, played on the playground and went for a walk in the woods. Michael even told me that Uncle Sidney climbed up on top of a rock that was super tall. He said he wasn't big enough to climb up there.

Tonight, Todd got a text that Alex, our brother-in-law, was going to be coming through Columbia for a work trip and wanted to stop by. He got here a little after 5:00 and stayed for dinner and hanging out with the kids. Michael was excited to see him but Katie took a few minutes to warm up because she had just woken up from her nap. Uncle Alex offered Katie a tortilla chip and all was good between them.

The kids had fun with the surprise visit from Uncle Alex. Unfortunately, he had to leave right before bed to head on to Georgia. The kids climbed up on his shoulders and thought that was so much fun.

I feel that Katie and Michael are very lucky to have such awesome and fun uncles. It's such a special relationship and I am glad they have it.

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Mel said...

Aren't uncles great? Our girls love their uncles too. They are just big play things ;)