Monday, November 14, 2011


Michael and Katie love pajamas. If it was up to them, we would wear them all day every day, especially Michael.

All summer long, Michael has been asking when he can wear his zipper pajamas again (footed one piece Pjs). Of course, when it is over 100 degrees outside, the last thing he needs to be wearing is a pair of fleece pajamas. He has been so excited since the weather has gotten a bit colder recently as he can finally wear his zipper PJs.

Now Katie is taking after him. If he asks to wear the zipper 'jamas, then she wants to wear them too. The only problem with this is that most of Katie's pajamas are two piece without feet. She only has 2 or 3 zipper 'jamas and gets upset if you tell her that they need to be washed.

I love seeing the kids in these pajamas. Even though they are getting big so fast, there is something about the footed pajamas that makes it seem like they are little for just a little longer.


Lindsay said...

James is the same way... wears his year round!

JenFen said...

I agree, feety PJs make them look less grownup. I had to put Jadyn's up because she kept wanting to wear them in the heat of the summer and we don't keep the house cool enough at night that she wouldn't be sweating bullets. Atlas, Jake gave up feety PJs last year.

I am obsessed with PJs. I really have to control myself or the kids drawer would be runneth over with cute PJs.