Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

Our neighborhood had trick or treating last night from 6-9pm. The kids were so excited to get ready to go out. Katie started asking about when she could put her costume on as soon as she got up in the morning. Michael was ready to go as soon as he got home from school. We were waiting on Todd to get home from work.

One of Todd's co-workers and his sister were coming over with her kids to go out with Katie and Michael. Two of Michael's classmates from last year also met up with us when we headed out. Our friends brought over their golf cart limo and we rode it around the neighborhood. There are quite a few hills in our neighborhood and while it's fine walking to the trick or treating, it's kind of rough on the way back. It was nice to ride in style as the golf cart was decorated for Halloween!

The kids had fun. Of course, the boys ran from house to house while the girls were much more deliberate in their quest for candy. They were both dressed as princesses and acting like it by not getting too rowdy. Katie didn't go to as many houses as Michael did but yet it seemed like she had as much, if not more, candy.

After trick or treating for almost 2 hours, we came back to the house where the kids ate cupcakes and looked through their candy stash. Everyone left shortly after 8:00. Katie and Michael ate some cereal and Michael actually asked to go to bed, which is a rare occurrence for him. I guess something finally tired him out!

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