Monday, August 15, 2011

Surgery Complete

Michael did very well during the surgery this morning. The doctor was able to take the piece of skin from behind his right ear to use to repair his eardrum. They pack the ear with material that is absorbed by the body as well as antibiotic cream. Both of these help to hold the graft in place. We will go back next week to have the stitches removed and then it will be another month or so before we know if the graft took or not.

When he woke up from surgery, we were allowed to see him shortly afterwards. He was extremely groggy and the first thing he wanted was to have them remove the IV. I can definitely relate to that. First he had to eat a popsicle and drink some juice to make sure he had some fluids in him. After he did that, the nurse was able to take the IV. Until the pain medicine kicked in, Michael was in a lot of pain and out of sorts from the anesthesia.

We got home and Michael got a special present from Todd's parents, who were here watching Katie. He got 2 new Lego games for the Wii. He quickly seemed to forget how much his ear hurt and was ready to play the games! It was pretty funny.

Here is the patient while we were waiting for him to go back to the operating room:


Carrie77 said...

So glad he did well!! And, Nathan would have been excited about two new Wii games, too! Ha!

Beth said...

I'm glad it went well! Too funny that he was ready to play Wii. Thank God for small favors, right?

Kara said...

Glad everything went smoothly!

Stacey said...

Glad to hear it went well. He looks adorable in that picture!

JenFen said...

So glad it went well. What a trooper!