Monday, August 29, 2011

Michael's First Homework

Every day Michael brings home a folder from school that has papers in it to send back to school the next day and other ones to keep at home. Michael's first homework assignment was in the folder today. It is to be completed and turned back in by Friday.

The first assignment was to cut on the lines on a sheet of paper. Michael did that today and let me know that he would do the second assignment tomorrow. Each child was assigned a letter for the second assignment. They have to find something in their house that starts with the letter. Then he has to draw a picture and put a sentence using the word underneath it. As he was sitting at the kitchen table cutting with the scissors, he told me that he loves homework and school. What a great thing for a parent to hear! Let's hope it continues in the years to come.

Working on his assignment at the kitchen table:

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