Sunday, June 5, 2011

Casting - Red, Green and Black

Michael got his first set of casts on his lower legs and feet last Friday. The procedure is serial casting and it helps to improve his range of motion and strengthen his ankles as a result of Marfan syndrome. The casts will stay on for one week and then be removed. After they are removed, it will be determined if the casting improved his ankles or not. If there was improvement, then the doctor will assess how long it will be before he gets casted for another week.

Todd took Michael to get the casts on Friday. He did a great job while they were putting them on and was extremely cooperative during the casting. One of Michael's favorite parts of the casting was getting to pick out the colors for his casts. He chose red & green on one leg and red & black on the other leg. It looks pretty neat.

Michael has been very good with the casts and hasn't complained about them at all. He is getting around pretty good too and has the walking shoes so he isn't that limited in what he can do. Todd and I are really impressed and proud with how he is handling the casting. The hardest part about the casts is that you cannot get them wet. It makes bathing a bit challenging and there won't be any pool time this week.

Todd will take Michael to get the casts off this Friday. We have a busy weekend planned with Todd's work picnic and 2 birthday parties so that will be his reward for being so cooperative.

Here is a picture of Michael wearing the casts:


Joanna said...

I'm glad to hear he has been doing well with them. They are pretty cool looking. What does he sound like clomping around the house?

Carrie77 said...

Has he had you autograph them yet? :)

JenFen said...

You should be proud that he is doing so well with them. Hope they help!

Mel said...

I hope they help, also. He does seem to have a great attitude about it. And I love the colors that he chose.

LauraC said...

So awesome that he is doing so well!!

Kara said...

He picked out some good-looking casts. I hope the doctor sees lots of improvement.